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News & Events

Nimule Road | 23.01.2010
Work is to vigorously progress on the section 3 (67km) of the 192km Juba-Nimule highway of the project that will transform the congested rout into the long-anticipated tarmac highwa
Refinery Investment | 08.05.2010
Under the authority of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS), and the direct involvement of the Ministry of Energy & Mining (MEM) – GoSS (Juba), the "Akon Refinery Company Ltd.". . .

Community Help

Motivated by its commitment to assist the community, EYAT has initiated, sponsored or helped on the following projects:

Conducting maintenance work in Aweil town for roads, air strip, drainage ditches ... etc.
Establishment of a clinic in Wanjok town staffed with doctors, medics, nurses, and furnished with medicines and equipments.
Drilling water wells in Wanjok, Majok, Akwaim and furnishing water tankers to distribute water for villages.
Rehabilitation of country building in Ariyat town.
construction of road bypass near Alok bridge(Wau-Aweil road) including culverts.
construction of air strip in Malual Kon.
Sponsoring the event of honoring 100 Sudanese Ideal Women that was held in Friendship Hall,Khartoum.
Donating medicines and medical equipments to Non Government organizations.
Donating Food & Health Care Supplies to Children Care Foundation.