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Nimule Road | 23.01.2010
Work is to vigorously progress on the section 3 (67km) of the 192km Juba-Nimule highway of the project that will transform the congested rout into the long-anticipated tarmac highwa
Refinery Investment | 08.05.2010
Under the authority of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS), and the direct involvement of the Ministry of Energy & Mining (MEM) ‿GoSS (Juba), the "Akon Refinery Company Ltd.". . .

Health & Safety

EYAT has management systems in place to ensure that all potential health and safety hazards associated with its activities are identified and assessed and that appropriate countermeasures are implemented. Put simply, EYAT realizes that protecting the health of its workforce is good for its business.

The Company takes measures to safeguard the health of its workforce because it values its reputation for being a caring and fair employer.

To promote health and fitness, EYAT arrange Health Awareness Campaigns on a variety of topics. Sport facilities are also provided in all EYAT locations, giving employees opportunities to engage in a variety of fitness- improving activities.

EYAT recognizes that safety is beneficial to the employee, the family, the community, the customer and the company, EYAT is there committed to proving a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and requires that safety should not be compromised for any other business priority.

All employees in leadership positions are responsible for deploying and actively supporting the Company's overall Safety Program. Included in this responsibility are monitoring and enforcing the use of safety working practices and safety rules.

All of us, through our leadership, commitment and engagement must accept the challenge to work safely and actively to pursue injury and illness prevention. Our employees, Business partners, community and customers will all benefit. EYAT encourages all employees to carry this b health and safety value beyond the workplace to all of their activities.