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Nimule Road | 23.01.2010
Work is to vigorously progress on the section 3 (67km) of the 192km Juba-Nimule highway of the project that will transform the congested rout into the long-anticipated tarmac highwa

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Refinery Investment | 08.05.2010
Under the authority of the Government of South Sudan (GoSS), and the direct involvement of the Ministry of Energy & Mining (MEM) ‿GoSS (Juba), the "Akon Refinery Company Ltd.". . .

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Eyat Group
Plot No 2A, Block (6) Airport road
Juba town - South Sudan
Tel:   +211927784861
Fax:   +211912502205

Tasneem Agriculture & Animals Production

Tasneem agriculture & animals production Tasneem agriculture & animals production, which was established in 2008 to play an active role in promoting agriculture development, which organized all South Sudan, where the large size of the wealth.

Agriculture and livestock in the South Sudan needs a modern infrastructure to bring it out of local to the global, since the company sates always leading in construction and rehabilitation of the infrastructure of South Sudan.

Tasneem agriculture & animals production is concerned with all stages of agricultural production and animal research and studies , production, processing and expert specifications.

And more so as the virgin land of South Sudan, mostly the product quality and free of chemicals and genetic modifications and genetic represent the spearhead of target.

The company aims to be one hundred percent natural products and the use of technology that relies on life-cycle natural and so incurring significant experience and the introduction of mechanization.

And modern technology in all stages of agricultural production and livestock and we hope the effort of the South Sudan as it has a world food basket.

Tasneem aimed to

1- Long-term investment in agriculture and animal.
2- Manufacturing related to agricultural production and live stock.
3- Raising the productive efficiency vertically and horizontally.
4- Bring the latest technology and expertise.
5- Enter the global market a product with high quality and achieve self-sufficiency.
6- Benefit from global expertise and local communities in the development stages of agricultural production and livestock.

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